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Detox From The Holidays With These 5 Tips

From the Halloween candy to the Thanksgiving pies to the Christmas baked goods, your body has been through a lot since the end of October. And, if you’re like us, then your body is also starting to show the signs of the damage. From irritability to acne to a few extra pounds, you’re likely not feeling your best after this holiday season. Sure, the food was worth it and the family time was great — but it’s time to get back on track for your health and for your skin care.

We’ve collected this list of five things you can do to help your body detox from all of the holiday sugar and alcohol. Of course, an LED light treatment is at the forefront for taking care of your skin and helping it return to normal (and even better than normal). Order the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque today for a skin rejuvenation treatment that will carry you into 2019.

Drink Lots Of Water

Over the past month or so, you’ve probably had a lot of eggnog, hot cocoa and alcohol. Though we’re sure you’ve been getting water in there, too, your body is likely dehydrated from all of the other liquids you’ve been downing. Commit to drinking more water or try alternating each “fun” drink with a glass of water — and watch your skin start to improve.

Take Care Of Your Skin

During the holidays, our skin care routine typically is the first thing to go. As a result, blemishes, rosacea and acne starts showing up more than normal — right in time for your holiday photos with family. LED light therapy at home can make all the difference. The iderma® is an LED light for acne and an LED mask for wrinkles wrapped up into one convenient infrared and red light therapy mask. All it takes is eight minutes every other day.

Actually Work Out

With kids home for winter break and all the holiday cooking, did you make it to the gym or out on your normal runs? Exercise can benefit your skin, and you most likely didn’t get a lot of it during November and December. What better time to recommit to fitness than right before the New Year? Your skin will thank you.

Get Enough Sleep

Between all of the holiday parties and events, were you sticking to a regular bedtime and getting your necessary hours each night? Chances are high that you weren’t. Stick to a bedtime and get your routine back to normal.

Don’t Quit Sugar Cold Turkey

Holiday sugar can affect your skin, so many people choose to eliminate it as soon as Christmas day is over. This could work for you, but be cautious. Sometimes eliminating sugar all at once can lead to increased cravings and mood swings — making you likely to not stick with it.

If you really want your skin to radiate and shine once more, follow these tips and use an LED light-up mask. Our red and infrared light-therapy device will improve skin tone and boost collagen production. Order your LED light treatment today.