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How Moisturizer Helps Your Skin

It doesn’t take a lot of research about skin care before you read a tip telling you to stay hydrated and to moisturize your skin. So we drink glass after glass of water and hope we start seeing refreshed skin tone. But do you know why? The skin is our biggest organ, right? And just like any other part of our body, it needs water to help with digestion, circulation, absorption, and even excretion. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of water and staying hydrated when you want to boost the appearance of your skin.

iderma is here to offer skin care tips and information that will help you stay youthful and looking your best. With our LED light treatment, along with drinking plenty of water, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and even rid your skin of those pesky age spots.


Skin care keeps coming back to cells. When we have healthy new cell growth that allows the dead cells to flake off quickly, we are left with soft and youthful skin. Cells, among other things, are made up of water. Without hydration, the skin will have a harder time functioning properly. A lack of water will slow the ability of cells to do their job which means our skin will turn dry, tight, and flaky. When our cells are in this state, it lessens the resiliency of our skin, which can lead to wrinkles forming. The good news is that there are plenty of things we can do to keep our bodies and our skin hydrated to minimize the severity of wrinkles, like consistently using a moisturizer and our LED light treatment masque.

LED Light Treatment

Challenges to Keeping Skin Hydrated

As we said before, there are countless people telling us that we need to drink at least eight glasses of water each day so that we receive the full benefits of staying hydrated. Unfortunately, the bad news is that when we drink water, all of the other organs in our body will reap the benefits before the nutrients reach our skin.

Another challenge we need to overcome when trying to hydrate our skin is evaporation! The water and nutrients that do reach our skin is brought there by blood vessels. However, these blood vessels only carry water to the dermis layer and not to the outermost layer, the epidermis. From the dermis, water travels through our glands and evaporates into the air.

So, as you know, our skin is waterproof, so we can’t simply pour water on our skin for it be hydrated. So how do we combat these problems and make give our skin the hydration is desperately needs?

How to Hydrate Your Skin

According to Harvard Medical School, a lack of moisture can come from frequent bathing, harsh soaps, aging, medical conditions, or the climate and humidity level that we live in. The first thing Harvard suggests is to moisturize the skin. Moisturizers will help hydrate the epidermis layer of our skin which three main ingredients:

  • LED Light TreatmentHumectants: These help attract moisture to skin cells.
  • Ceramides: These occur naturally in our skin and low ceramide levels mean dry, damaged skin.
  • Emollients: These fill in any gaps between skin cells that are low in moisturizing lipids.

If you’re shopping for a moisturizer, you don’t need to spend a lot money to get real benefits. Typically, the less expensive products, like petroleum jelly or mineral oil, work great because they don’t contain any water, but are actually oil-based.

What Else Can You Do?

  • Use a Humidifier: We’ve touched on this before, but here it is again. Set a humidifier to about 60 percent so that your skin can be replenished.
  • Take Shorter Showers: Keep your shower time to between five and 10 minutes. Staying in hot water for longer than that could strip essential oils from your skin, causing you to lose moisture. Turn down the heat as well, warm water is less harsh on your skin.
  • Minimize Soap: Unlike what many beauty products are telling us, we don’t really need to wash with soap every day. If you do, choose a soap that includes a moisturizer and avoid soaps that have deodorant, perfumes, or alcohol.
  • Moisturize Right After a Shower: Make it a habit of grabbing the lotion right out of the shower. This will help fill in the spaces between skin cells and helps to seal in moisture while the skin is still wet or damp.
  • Avoid Scratching: Dry skin feels tight and itchy, so it can be tempting to scratch away the feeling. However, this will only further irritate the skin. When you feel itchy skin coming on, moisturizing will help soothe the skin.
  • Use LED Light Treatment: iderma’s LED light treatment masque uses red and infrared light to stimulate cell growth within our skin. As we’ve mentioned before, healthy cell growth can keep the surface of our skin void of dead cells that dry out of the skin.

LED Light Treatment

Why Stay Hydrated?

According to a study done by British Journal of Dermatology, women with drier skin were associated with faster wrinkling. If that’s not a good enough reason to stay hydrated, we’re not sure what is. In order to keep our skin smooth, plump, and looking youthful, we need to keep the outer layer of the skin hydrated. Whether that’s done through drinking water or using a moisturizer, it’s clear how important it is for the health of our skin.

LED Light Treatment Therapy

Going back to cells again, these little guys do a lot to protect our body. With innovative technology that uses red and infrared LED light, cell growth can be stimulated to improve the function of our skin. The wavelengths in our LED light treatment masque is 660 nm, which is the right length to penetrate deep into the hypodermis layer of the skin. There, additional collagen will be produced that keeps our skin plump and firm, which helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The stimulation from the light will also hinder melanin levels, which works to fade the brown color of age spots.

Have you been dreaming of more youthful, radiant skin? Keep up with your routine of drinking water, use a high-quality moisturizer, and give iderma’s LED light treatment masque a try. Just three, eight-minute sessions per week and you’ll start seeing results in as little as four weeks. Order yours here.