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Ancient And Modern Facial Treatments You Should Try Today

The Greeks had good food, romance, art and literature. They were masters of their crafts, so doesn’t it make sense that they also had some of the best skin care routines?

In today’s blog, we’re going to explore three facial treatments ancient Greeks would’ve done and then two modern ones you can also try today. Instead of your next GNO, take a girls’ night in and try these anti-aging facial treatments at home.

Moisturize With Olive Oil

We all know that the ancient Greeks loved their native olive trees — who wouldn’t? — but did you know olive oil was used for much more than cooking? Greeks would use it for their hair, body and — you guessed it — face. Olive oil naturally contains vitamins, amino acids, omega acids, tocopherols, minerals and antioxidants. It’s one of the best natural moisturizers out there! It will deeply nourish your skin, lock in the moisture, restore elasticity and give your skin that youthful, hydrated glow you crave.

Simply place a small amount of olive oil in your hand and then lightly press and smooth it onto your face. A little goes a long way, but you can dab away the excess if you apply too much.

Lather On A Yogurt Peel

Here’s one last trick from the ancient Greeks: put yogurt on your face! Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid that’s good for your skin. The yogurt peel will tighten your pores and dissolve dead skin, which is why many Greeks used it for sunburn relief.

Add a tablespoon of olive oil to four tablespoons of Greek yogurt and mix the two natural ingredients together. Apply to your face and let sit for 10 minutes, and then remove the mixture with a warm washcloth. Don’t be alarmed if your skin tingles at first — that’s just the peel working its skin care magic.

Enjoy A Healing Facial Honey Mask

We love this sweet ingredient that makes for an effective skin care product for your face. Honey is a natural antibacterial ingredient and olive oil is an effective healing agent, so when combined for this at-home facial mask, you’re sure to reap benefits. Because of the polysaccharides in honey, you’ll get the ultimate in hydration. It will also help collagen fibers to mature, giving your skin more elasticity and a smooth texture.

Mix a ¼ cup of honey and ¼ cup of extra-virgin olive oil together (add some warm water to the honey if it isn’t spreading well) and apply the mixture to your face. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then cleanse your face with a washcloth. Voilà!

Opt For LED Light Treatment

We told you we’d get around the modern skin care products. LED light treatments are the way to go! They’re affordable, easy to use and, best of all, they’re effective. LED light therapy at home is one of the best things to happen to modern skin care. Through red and infrared light therapy, you’ll improve the tone of your skin and the cell growth and production. Infrared light-therapy devices are a must-have when it comes to anti-aging skin treatments.

Wear the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque for eight minutes every other day — while you get to relax on the couch — and you’ll see results within 60 days. Read more about how it works.

Try A Moisturizing Facial Mask

Did you catch our post about celebrity skin care products? They rave about LED anti-aging masks like the iderma®, but they also love moisturizing facial masks that make for a relaxing night or morning.

Try mud, clay or charcoal masks, give into an indulging sheet mask, incorporate an avocado peel into your routine or try the latest-and-greatest face mask from celebrity brands. You can also experiment with facial masks for certain parts of your face, such as under your eyes, on your cheeks and lateral planes or on your forehead, nose and chin. When it comes to at-home facials, your options are seemingly endless.

Have some new ideas for your personalized skin rejuvenation treatment? Whether you’re borrowing a tip from the ancient Greeks or you’re finally getting that LED beauty mask you’ve been wanting, we can’t wait to see how your skin improves. Order red light therapy for wrinkles today.