What To Look For When Buying An LED Light Treatment Product

Want to take your skin care to the next level and really see results? An LED light treatment product is the way to go. With so many options on the market — at varying costs — it can be hard to know which one will work best for your face.

When you have questions or are unsure about what at-home light therapy to use, our blog and website are a great resource for you. We have feedback from customers, reviews from major organizations and plenty of information about how the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque works. Read our blog today to find out four aspects you should always look for in an LED light treatment product.

Is it safe? Is it comfortable?

First and foremost, you want to make sure your skin, eyes and face remain safe and comfortable. Many LED light treatment products require you to use your hands the whole time you’re using them. With the iderma®, you’re getting hands-free treatment because of the comfortable headband that will hold it in place. If you’re considering a full face mask, look into how it will stay on your face and if it will be comfortable.

Part of this comfort will be checking to see if the size is adjustable in ordert to fit a wide range of head shapes and sizes. Also check to see if the product has protective goggles for your eyes.

Is it easy to use?

You don’t want an LED light treatment product that is too complicated to use. When you’re shopping for LED light-therapy products you can use at home, make sure you actually know how to use it! For example, you only need to use the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque every other day for eight minutes. Simply put the mask on your face, switch it on and relax.

Is the technology good?

Now it’s time to get to the good stuff: will it actually improve your skin? Here are some components to look out for so you can ensure your UV light therapy will deliver the results you want.

  • Look for red and infrared lights. Different kinds of light have different benefits, but you’ll want both of these working hard on your face. The red light wavelengths will take care of the surface of your skin and the infrared light wavelengths will affect your skin’s cells. The combination of these lights will ensure you have minimized wrinkles, improved complexion and increased collagen. The iderma® has 128 LED lights: 14 red and 114 infrared.
  • Multi-color masks won’t do the trick. There are a lot of multi-color, less expensive LED masks out there. Don’t be fooled! These colors may be fun, but they’re achieved by using dyes. This dye reduces the output of each light source, therefore decreasing its positive effects on your skin.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that your light-therapy device will provide you with the results that you want without sacrificing safety or comfort — and by making sure your LED light treatment product has red and infrared lights and isn’t multi-color you can do just that.

Is it respected in the industry?

There are a lot of professional skin care products out there, so it can be overwhelming to decide on just one. When you’re looking at LED light treatment products, check out the reviews from leaders in the industry and see if the product measures up to what the company is saying about it.

The iderma® has been featured on Rachael Ray, Forbes, Today and many more shows. On each of these episodes, you can see how UV light therapy in this device works and see what the experts have to say.

We’ve worked hard to design a product that will work time after time for many different people, and we’re proud of this device. We’re so confident that you’ll love this product — for the reasons listed above — that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t notice improvement in your skin within 60 days of using it regularly, then you can send the Youth Restoring Masque back for a full refund.

What are you waiting for? Order the iderma® LED light treatment today!