LED Light Treatment

Why Do I Have Rosacea?


Red, blotchy skin is never fun and can often lead to feelings of embarrassment or anxiety. It’s one thing to blush when you feel nervous, but when the redness is accompanied with bumps, swollen skin, or lines on the face, it quickly goes from something manageable to a condition that you want to find relief from right away. While relief may not come right away, there are solutions to this uncomfortable skin condition. At iderma, we created an LED light treatment therapy that uses technology that was developed by NASA and the National Institute of Health. Our masque uses LED and infrared lights that have specific wavelengths that can penetrate the skin’s layers to stimulate cell growth. This stimulation can help reduce redness within 12 weeks! Keep reading to learn more about rosacea and our innovative LED light treatment masque.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a fairly common inflammatory skin condition that affects at least 16 million people in the U.S. alone. Rosacea shows up on the skin as:

  • Red or pink splotches.
  • There may be dilated blood vessels known as telangiectasias on the nose or around the cheekbones.
  • There are sometimes red bumps that may contain pus.
  • Pink or irritated eyes.

This typically affects the central part of the face, forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin. Symptoms of rosacea may come and go but adults with the condition can never be cured of the issue. With the right medication and products, like our LED light treatment masque, those who struggle with this condition can see visible results within a month or two.

LED Light Treatment

Is it Acne?

One of the more frustrating aspects of rosacea is the red bumps that can often look like an acne breakout. After flushing of the skin and persistent redness, bumps and pimples are among the most common symptoms of the condition. However, the two conditions are completely separate and there are some important distinctions between the two. The good news is that both conditions can see positive results in the appearance of the skin when using LED light treatment therapy.

  • Acne: When consulting with a doctor about acne they may refer to it as acne vulgaris, which is seen a majority of the time on the face, but can also be seen on the back, chest, and shoulders. Symptoms of acne include pimples, bumps, and blackheads that can develop because of oily skin or other various reasons. Acne is commonly treated with topical solutions.
  • Rosacea: Unlike acne, rosacea is only seen on the face and usually only down the center, or cheeks and nose. Symptoms often first occur as a redness on the skin, but can become more severe as the condition worsens. Dilated blood vessels may become visible and then bumps and pimples will result as inflammation increases. In more serious cases, eyes may feel irritated and the nose may begin to swell. Prescriptions and lifestyle changes are often recommended to help relieve symptoms.

What Causes Rosacea?

As of today, the cause of the skin condition is unknown; however, there are some factors that may trigger a flare up.

  • Some people’s skin may not be able to fight inflammation in the face that is caused by certain environmental factors.
  • Environmental factors such as cold weather, harsh winds, humidity, or sunburn, can increase the severity.
  • Those who easily flush in general may be more likely to suffer from rosacea later on in life.
  • Triggers that cause or aggravate rosacea to occur can be emotional, like stress, anxiety, and embarrassment.
  • Other triggers include alcohol, smoking, spicy food, or exercise.
  • Those who have fair skin increase the risk of rosacea.

How is it Treated?

Depending on your situation, there may be several ways to treat rosacea. It is commonly treated with antibacterial washes or topical creams, but more and more people are seeking out innovative treatment methods. Many doctors are now recommending LED light treatment therapies.

LED Light Treatment

LED Light Treatment

Using red and infrared light, iderma’s masque uses the specific wavelengths of these lights to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. Using science that was developed and researched by NASA, what makes this type of treatment exceptional is the use of red and infrared light. To see real results in the appearance of your skin, it is beneficial to have wavelengths between 620 nm and 700 nm. Iderma’s masque uses red LED light with a wavelength of 660 nm. Learn more about how the masque works here. When the wavelengths penetrate the skin, they stimulate the cells in order to

  • Improve elasticity and produce additional collagen
  • Lower inflammation
  • Improve blood circulation

Unlike chemical peels and microdermabrasion, LED light treatment therapy is easy to use, painless, and doesn’t involve any recovery time. In fact, iderma’s light masque just takes three, eight-minute sessions per week for you to see results in the tone of your skin. The warmth of the light gives you an opportunity to rest and relax before bedtime or you can even complete a session during lunch. You don’t need to feel frustrated with not seeing results any longer.

If you’re tired of dealing with symptoms of this aggravating skin condition, try a treatment method that you know will give you the results you want. iderma wants you to have the skin of your youth and to feel free to be social and enjoy that glass of wine without having to worry about worsening your symptoms. Order your LED light treatment masque today and see for yourself the results you can achieve.