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4 Not-So-Sweet Ways Holiday Sugar Could Affect Your Skin

Whether it’s the piles of cheap Halloween candy, cranberry orange rugelach, or your mother’s traditional Christmas dessert, there’s no denying that the holidays are exclusively there to sabotage your diet. But what if all that sugar is also sabotaging your skin and not just your diet?

We’re all for indulging in the season and enjoying all of our favorite holiday treats, but it’s wise to do so with an understanding of how sugar affects your skin. Read more here, and use a light-therapy device to combat some of the effects this holiday season. LED light skin care could be your sweet gift to yourself this Christmas.

Sugar Is Bad For Your Skin

If only chocolate was as good for us as kale is, candy was known to clear skin, and baked goodies were a known dietary supplement. Unfortunately, though, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are four of the main ways sugar can damage your skin.

1. Causes Breakouts

Maybe that woman who swore that chocolate causes pimples was actually onto something. A little sugar every now and then, of course, is most likely fine. A sugary diet, though, really creates the ideal environment for your acne to thrive.

Because sugar increases inflammation, you could experience increased oil production. Sugar, however, also suppresses your body’s white blood cells — which are known to fight off infection. Because the white blood cells are suppressed, they’ll be less able to fight off the increased oil production and you’ll end up with a breakout right before family photos.

2. Breaks Down Collagen

Sugar attaches to collagen protein when you consume it, in a process called glycation. This process breaks down elastin and collagen — the proteins in your skin that help your skin be smooth, plump, and tight. So if your skin is looking more tired and wrinkled after you’ve eaten a lot of sugar, it most likely is because your skin’s collagen is under attack.

3. Increases Inflammation

You’re familiar with that jolt of energy that comes after consuming sugar, whether it be that candy cane, gingerbread cookie (or house), or chocolate bark. This is your body producing insulin to stabilize your blood sugar. When insulin increases, though, so does inflammation — which can inflame existing skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or acne.

4. Worsens Allergic Reactions

When you have allergies or eczema, you’re well acquainted with all of the different incidents that could cause them to flare up worse than normal. Sugar is one of those exterior influences. Because it increases inflammation and suppresses white blood cells as we’ve already discussed, your body will be less prepared to defend itself against food sensitivities, allergies, and more.

How To Keep Clear Skin This Holiday Season

So now that you know the dangers of consuming sugar on your skin, how can you keep clear skin this holiday season? There’s going to be sugar everywhere. Here’s a helpful guide to keep young-, clear-looking all season long.

Avoid This Sugar, Eat This Sugar

Stay away from simple carbohydrates or foods that are high in saturated fat as much as possible. This could include candy, ice cream, fruit juice, packaged snacks, sodas, and even jam. It’s not that you can’t enjoy any of your favorite holiday foods, but remember moderation if your skin is starting to show signs of stress.

Berries are full of sugar, but they’re natural sugars and the berries themselves hold antioxidants, which are great for your skin. Check out our list of foods that are good for your skin and see how many healthy alternatives or supplements you can find for your favorite holiday treats.

Throughout all of this, be sure to give superior care to your skin by washing it daily, moisturizing, and using LED light skin care.

Use A Light-Therapy Device

Infrared LED light therapy is an effective anti-aging skin treatment, which means it will help your skin look and feel fresh throughout the whole season. All it takes is eight minutes every other day, and you get younger-looking skin in a matter of weeks.

A red light therapy mask focuses primarily on the surface of your skin, where it evens skin tone and texture. Infrared LED light therapy penetrates deeper, stimulating collagen production and cell growth deep within the layers of your skin. Our light-therapy device — the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque — has both red and infrared wavelengths so you can get the best of both worlds.

Check out LED light therapy benefits, five reasons to try a light-therapy device, and learn everything you need to know about LED beauty lights. LED light skin care gets results, and you could be the beneficiary this holiday season. Our LED therapy mask is backed by science and research developed by scientists at NASA, and we’re loved in the beauty and health industry.

There’s a lot you’ll have to put up with this holiday season: dealing with your crazy relative from out of town, making sure all the kids and grandkids have a good time, and decorating and cooking for your preferred holiday all come to mind. Don’t let worry about your skin add to the stress. Order your LED facial treatment today to help combat the sugar that you’ll indulge in this holiday season — shop now! Whether it’s Black Friday shopping, Christmas shopping, or shopping just because, you’ll love our light-therapy device.