5 Presents For Your Skincare-Obsessed Friend Or Family Member

We all know that person — or maybe you’re that person — who is obsessed with all things skin care. They’re willing to try any anti-aging skin treatment out there, only eat foods that are good for skin, and have a completely different skin care routine in the morning than they do at night.

So when it comes time for Christmas shopping, the answer is obvious: you need to get them a gift that focuses on skin care. But what do you get the person who already seems to have it all?

Whether it’s your aunt, daughter, husband, or parent, a light-therapy device will do the trick. The iderma® Youth Restoring Masque is a good gift any time of the year, but it makes for an especially good Christmas gift. We’ll discuss it in today’s blog, but we’ll also talk about four other gifts you can get your skincare-obsessed friend, partner, or family member.

1. Essential Oils

If they truly are obsessed with skin care, then they most likely already have a bottle or two (or 20 or 30) of their favorite essential oils. That doesn’t mean you can’t add to the collection, though! Find one that’s less common or is especially good for the skin.

2. Gift Card

If you’re so afraid that you’ll gift something they already have, opt for the gift that never fails: a gift card. It can sometimes seem impersonal, but make a note about how the person has to use it for skin care products or get the gift card to a skin care brand you know they love.

3. Light-Therapy Device

Red and infrared LED light therapy is the way to go — trust us. It’s a fun, new twist for their skin care routine, and it gets results. This anti-aging skin treatment is praised by celebrities and the media alike, which you know your friend will love.

LED light therapy benefits your skin in so many ways, primarily because the red and infrared wavelengths stimulate collagen production — which means fewer fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

4. At-Home Spa Kit

Go all out with this one. Buy candles, fancy creams and lotions, cucumbers, and robes, and turn up the Enya music. This is a creative gift to show you care — especially if you share the experience with them.

5. Face Masks

This friend or family member never seems to have enough face masks (even though they have quite the collection). Add a few more of your favorites or ones with unique Christmas themes to show your friend the holiday love.

Order The iderma® Youth Restoring Masque Today

If you’re asking, “Does light therapy work?”, then the answer is yes! It’s backed by science developed by NASA scientists, and it’ll make a great gift for Christmas this year. There are many reasons to invest in LED light therapy for skin, but here are our favorites:

  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Restoration of collagen and elastin
  • Safe and comfortable

Order a light-therapy device for your special someone this Christmas.