Light Therapy Devices

5 Reasons To Try Our Light-Therapy Device

If you’re struggling with tired, aging skin, you’ve likely tried a whole variety of different treatments to return that youthful glow to your face. In our survey of test participants who used our LED light treatment every other day for 12 weeks, 81 percent believe it is more effective than anti-aging creams and lotions. If you’ve been trying every product on the market to no avail, or you simply want better results, the iderma® light-therapy device might just be the one for you. Our blog today will outline five reasons why you’ll love it and should give it a try.

It Uses Low-Level Light Therapy

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) will improve your complexion and reduce uneven skin tone by stimulating cell function. Many people immediately think of big lasers that will cut through various surfaces, but low-level lights actually target the cells to effectively enhance their capabilities. This will help your skin cells to self-exfoliate like they’re supposed to.

It Uses Red And Infrared Light Technology

Why opt for a red light therapy mask or infrared LED light therapy when you can have both in one convenient package? With our light-therapy device, there are 128 LEDs: 14 red and 114 infrared. This unique design means both the surface of your skin and the cells deep underneath your skin benefit from your use. Red light wavelengths focus on the surface and the infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye, will penetrate more deeply down to your cells. This ensures maximum benefits in a minimal amount of time.

It Increases Your Collagen Production

Between the low-level light therapy and the red and infrared light technology, your cells will be busy working for you. As a result, you’ll have increased collagen. As you age and your skin is exposed to harsh conditions for more and more time, it’ll lose its strength and elasticity. You’re not simply out of luck, though. By helping your cells increase collagen production, you can help your skin be tight and smooth for longer. Collagen is a protein your skin is already producing — sometimes it just needs a little help.

It’s Safe And Comfortable

This technology is completely painless and is proven to be safe for long-term use. It even comes with eyewear for comfort and protection. Our LED light treatment also comes with an adjustable headband. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the mask slipping off or being too large or small. You can shape it to your head and make sure it stays on comfortably.

It’s Hands-Free

You don’t have to sit there holding it on the whole time, but you also have an excuse to relax and not be required to do anything! All it takes is eight minutes every other day, so you’ll regularly have some hands-free relaxing time scheduled into your busy life. Listen to a podcast or music, or simply take a quick nap. The warm lights will lull you into a state of relaxation.

It Has Fantastic Reviews

When you’re looking at purchasing a light-therapy device, you want to be sure it works and is worth the investment. With iderma, you can be sure you’re getting quality because of all the companies and news outlets that have reviewed us. We’re one of the finalists for Yahoo Lifestyle’s Diversity in Beauty Awards and have been featured by Rachael Ray, Forbes, and The Today Show, just to name a few. We’re also thrilled about our upcoming feature with Wendy Williams, and we hope you’ll tune in for that.

As a treatment for aging skin or as a simple and effective skin care routine, an LED therapy mask gets the job done. Order your LED light-therapy device today and start healing your skin.