6 Skin Care Products You Need This Summer

Summer is ideal for spending long afternoons at the beach, peaceful nights camping in the woods or energized days at music festivals. However, all of this can lead to decreased skin care on your part. Between the sweat, sun, lack of sleep and one too many margaritas, your face may begin to show unfortunate signs of premature aging.

There are many products to combat this and help you have a sun-kissed face instead of a sun-stressed face. In our blog today we’ll be sharing six of those products, which, of course, includes the iderma® light-therapy device.


We’re sure you’ve heard this plenty of times, but we’ll go ahead and tell you again: sunscreen! Lathering up with sunscreen on a sunny (or even cloudy) day is one of the best aging skin treatments you can do for yourself.

people love getting a nice golden-brown tan in the summer — but is it worth the future wrinkles, age spots and potential melanoma? When you use SPF 15, you’re blocking about 93 percent of UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks about 97 percent of UVB rays. So even when you’re using sunscreen, you’ll still be getting some sun and color on your skin — just with far fewer potential effects that can be detrimental to your health.

One way to easily incorporate sunscreen into your skin care routine is by using lotions and creams that already have a good SPF (sun protection factor). Use the lotion each morning, and your skin should be protected throughout the day depending on how much sun you’re exposed to. 

Face Wipes

This may seem like a simple, obvious summer skin care solution as well, but having face wipes handy will be instrumental for you this summer. It’s important to wash excess oil, debris and sweat off your face each day, but with our crazy summer schedules that can sometimes be hard.

When you’re off camping this summer and don’t want to do your normal five-step skin routine each morning and night, the least you can do is reach for a face wipe and cleanse your face. Just finished swimming but don’t have your skin care products with you? Grab a face wipe. Raced to the finish line on your afternoon run but don’t have time to go home and clean up? You get the idea.

There are a lot of face wipes out there that will take off your makeup and all the other unwelcome guests on your face without leaving your face dry or tight.

Light-Therapy Device

You work hard to protect your skin from sunlight each summer, but there is a certain light that will work wonders for you worn-out skin in the summer: red and infrared light. The iderma® Youth Restoring Masque uses 128 red and infrared LED lights for an effective, easy-to-use aging skin treatment.

The red wavelengths focus on the skin’s surface and the infrared LED light therapy will hone in on your skin’s cells and penetrate more deeply to stimulate cell growth, reproduction and collagen. All of this adds up to fewer fine lines and wrinkles and a more youthful, smooth and even complexion.

One of the best parts? This LED therapy mask won’t waste any of your precious time that you could be spending soaking up the sun and enjoying friends’ company. Wear the Youth Restoring Masque every other day for only eight minutes and you will see results within weeks.


If your face easily overheats or looks tired in the summer, try a refreshing mist that will serve as a wake-up call and reinvigorate both you and your face. A lot of sprays even have a light, energizing scent that will help wake up your skin and maybe even get rid of a little summertime B.O.

A setting or finishing spray can also be useful on hot summer days. If lessening your makeup usage isn’t your modus operandi, use a setting spray to help your makeup last longer. Your makeup will be protected from sweat and anything else that your day throws at you.

There are also anti-pollution mists out there that you can spray over your makeup throughout the day without messing up your perfect eyeliner. Pollution can greatly affect your skin, but these sprays are loaded with antioxidants that will help prevent the environmental damage taking a toll on your skin.


Why not gather all your friends and have a sleepover full of self-pampering like you used to? Or you could just treat yourself — we’re not here to judge. However you choose to do it, overnight or 10-minute masks will help clean and restore your face. Just like the iderma® mask, you get to relax because masks are hands-free. 

Whether you’re making your own face mask out of ingredients from your kitchen, using a 10-minute mask from the store or using an overnight mask, your skin will feel hydrated, appear brighter and look younger.

Eye Serum

We’ve given so much attention to our face with these skin care products, but we’ve left out one of the most important parts: our eyes.

For starters, it’s always a good idea to wear sunglasses in the summer to try and provide some protection from the harsh sun. But when you’re still plagued by under-eye circles in the summer, try a hydrating, firming and brightening eye serum. You’ll look more awake and youthful, which everyone wants in the summer.

And, of course, increased collagen can help with those bags or circles under your eyes as well. The iderma® works hard to stimulate increased collagen production, so why not use it instead of or in conjunction with a good eye serum?

We love summer, but that doesn’t mean our skin is the biggest fan. To protect your face this summer and prevent premature aging, use these six skin care products regularly.

Read more information on the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque and order one today! When you regularly use this light-therapy device, your skin will thank you not only this summer, but also all year long.