Everything You Need To Know About LED Beauty Lights

Instead of stressing out over the sudden appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, do something about it! A light-therapy device is an effective anti-aging skin treatment and it’s becoming more and more popular each year. You may have heard of these LED beauty lights, but do you know how they work? What they actually do for your skin?

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about LED lights for skin. Read here so you know exactly what to expect and how it will help, and then order our light-therapy device — the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque — today!

LED Therapy Masks Are Popular

There’s no denying the popularity of LED light skin care; the technology may still be fairly new, but light-therapy devices have made their way into the homes of celebrities and the most average of people alike. People are often interested in celebrity skin care, and celebrities have made no secret of loving anti-aging light therapy.

The iderma® Youth Restoring Masque isn’t just popular with celebrities, though. We’re also well-loved in the beauty and health industry and have been featured by many prominent news stations, magazines and skin care sites. Ezvid Wiki, for example, spent 25 hours on research, videography and editing to choose the 10 best light-therapy devices out there — and the iderma® made the top five!  

Science Supports This Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

When you’re putting something on your face — whether it’s a cream, light-therapy device, facial or more — you want to be sure it works! You want to see the science and know it’s safe. We’re the same, which is why the iderma® has all the science needed to make you feel comfortable and confident in this anti-aging skin treatment.

For starters, we’re not the ones who discovered certain LED wavelengths can improve someone’s skin — that was discovered by NASA and the National Institute of Health. All we’ve done is take that knowledge and use the principles to create anti-aging light therapy people actually want to use. Think of it as the way plants absorb rays and use the light the grow and heal; UV rays are harmful to your skin and should be avoided of course, but the LEDs in this mask will help your skin to grow and heal in the same way.   

Infrared And Red Light Therapy Masks Are Most Effective

As we’ve been in this industry, we’ve seen colorful LED beauty masks emerge. We have no problem admitting they seem appealing and fun, but there’s a reason we’ll never offer other colors for our product: the LED light therapy benefits are far weaker when you bring other colors into the mix.

Different colors of lights — think green, blue, purple and more — require different doses of power and duration to be effective. What we’ve discovered is that many companies simply inject dyes into these multi-color masks so they can produce as many as seven colors at once! You may like this for how it looks, but, when you actually want results, it’s best to stick with one wavelength/color because it provides more focused energy.

Because of this principle, the iderma® only uses red and infrared LED light therapy. The 14 red LEDs will smooth out the surface of your skin, and the 114 infrared LEDs will penetrate deeply to enhance and stimulate cell growth and production.

Light-Therapy Devices Improve Collagen

This is the precise reason why light therapy for wrinkles is effective — it improves your collagen production. Collagen is the main protein in your body. You can think of it as the substance that holds everything together, keeps your skin tight and smooth, and helps your skin replenish itself. Unfortunately, collagen production decreases as we age, hence the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and more.

Perhaps you’ve looked into collagen pills or creams with collagen. However, this only treats the symptoms, not the problem. Infrared light therapy at home is the answer! The iderma® has 114 infrared LEDs that are working hard to increase your collagen production — from the inside out instead of the outside in like pills or creams would do.

Our LED Facial Treatment Is Easy To Use

Some LED beauty lights or mask lights out there can be complicated to use or require more effort on your part. We believe light-therapy devices should be convenient, so we’ve designed the iderma® to be convenient in every way possible. It’s hands-free, has a timer, and only requires eight minutes of use every other day.

All you need to do is slip on the eyewear for comfort and protection, place it on your face using the adjustable headband, and relax! The timer will let you know when your time for the day is up, and you simply get to close your eyes and relax for eight minutes — what’s not to love?

Light-Therapy Devices Work

Stop asking, “does light therapy work?” The answer is yes! We surveyed participants who used the iderma® every other day for 12 weeks. From the survey, we learned that 81 percent believe it’s more effective than anti-aging creams and lotions and 93 percent believed it was the best eight minutes they could spend on their skin.

Photos of LED light therapy before and after seem to be one of the most convincing arguments that LED therapy masks work. We’re so confident you’ll see results from regularly using the iderma® that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you don’t see improvement. LED light therapy benefits include improved wrinkles and fine lines, decreased sunspots, and less acne — certainly worth a trial of at least 60 days to see if it works, right?

We hope this blog has allowed you to feel confident in your knowledge about light-therapy devices and know that you have the power to revolutionize your skin care routine for the better. See what our customers say about the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque and order yours today.