How And Why To Start Protecting Your Skin Early

There’s obviously no way to completely halt the aging process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow it down! If you’re concerned about the sudden onslaught of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, there’s plenty you can do for aging skin treatments. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you how you can help your skin and why you should care. Of course, our iderma® light-therapy device will work wonders, but that’s not the only aging skin treatment we’ll address today.

What’s the risk?

Most people immediately think of wrinkles and age spots when they think about not protecting their skin, but there are a lot more risks associated with lack of protection that you should be concerned about:

  • Skin cancer. Melanoma is probably the name most familiar to you, but basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are also possible.
  • Wrinkles, age spots and discolorations. Everyone is going to age and their body will show the effects of it, but why not slow down the process?
  • Acne. Whether you’re a teenager dealing with acne or you’re an adult who doesn’t understand why it never left, acne can be painful and make you self-conscious.

What can you do?

First, it’s wise to know how to spot skin cancer and regularly check your body for any signs. But when you wash your face regularly, wear sunscreen often and stay hydrated — the things you’ve heard time after time — you can help protect your skin from wrinkles and even skin cancer.

  • Load up on antioxidants and vitamin A. Both will help your skin produce collagen, which will heal damaged skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The antioxidant properties fight cancer, and there are plenty of tasty foods full of them: dark chocolate, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, kale, goji berries and much more. Sounds like a tasty way to protect your skin, right? There are lots of other foods that will help you achieve clear skin as well.
  • Drink a lot of water and not much alcohol. When your skin is hydrated, it will look and feel better and be better able to fight off anything bad coming its way. Make sure you’re getting enough water every day, and avoid alcohol when possible. It’s dehydrating and inflammatory, but it will also deplete the vitamin A in your system. While we’re at it, let’s address smoking. When you consume nicotine, you starve your skin of oxygen. This will lead to wrinkles because it causes dullness and breaks down your skin’s elasticity.  
  • Get enough deep sleep every night. Your skin looks forward to a full night of sleep because that’s when our bodies go into repair mode! Your body will increase the blood flow to your skin while you sleep, which is why you often feel like you have a healthy glow once you wake up in the morning. Sleep deprivation, then, would do the opposite.
  • Stick to a skincare regimen. If you want to get serious about your skin care and preventing wrinkles, cancer and more in the future, then you need to choose a skincare regimen and stick to it. Wash your face morning and night, take special precautions in summer and winter and get a professional skin care product that works for you. We recommend a light-therapy device that you only have to use several times a week. Throughout your skincare routine, don’t forget to take care of your neck and chest.
  • Be wary of the sun. Honestly, can we ever stress this one enough? Not protecting your skin from the sun is a sure way to cause lasting damage — not just in the form of wrinkles, but also by causing cancer. Wear hats, cover your skin and apply plenty of sunscreen. And remember: sunscreen isn’t only needed on sunny days, and one application is rarely enough.
  • Lower your stress. Find a stress-management technique that works for you and your lifestyle, whether that’s meditation, yoga, reading, exercise or something else entirely. When we’re stressed, our bodies release hormones and chemicals that increase inflammation and affect our skin’s cells.
  • Watch what you touch. If you frequently get cold sores or acne, it could be related to what your skin is touching. Don’t share personal items (like chapstick or toothbrushes), don’t share drinks with others and avoid touching your face with your fingers — especially after your hands have been in contact with other people (from a handshake, telephone, etc.).

How’s this light-therapy device work?

We’re glad you asked. The iderma® LED light treatment will penetrate deep into your skin to help you from the inside out. You know UV rays are bad, of course, but not all light is.

The iderma® Youth Restoring Masque uses red and infrared LED light therapy, which will actually help your skin and greatly slow the effects of aging on your skin. This is one of the best skin treatments out there because it’s not just focused on the surface of your skin. The red wavelengths focus on the skin’s surface, but the infrared LED light therapy penetrates more deeply to stimulate cell growth, reproduction and collagen.

One of the best parts? It’s so simple to use. You only have to wear the iderma® for eight minutes every other day, and you’ll start seeing results. It’s an easy-to-use aging skin treatment that delivers results and is a leader in the industry.

There’s a reason why we’re so respected in the industry. You’ll see many other LED lights for skin that cost less and have multiple fun colors. However, we’re committed to only ever using one color on our Youth Restoring Masque because that’s what will deliver you the best results. The multi-color light-therapy devices use dye to achieve the different colors, which reduces the power and limits the effectiveness of each light.

When you follow all of these tips, you can invest in your skin’s future — a future that is hopefully free of wrinkles, age spots, cancer and more. Learn more about our LED therapy mask, and order your iderma® today! It’s never too early to start protecting your skin from everything life will throw at it.