Is Your Skin Care As Modern As You Are? Here’s What You Need

It’s 2018, meaning it’s time to say goodbye to the face scrubs and anti-aging creams of the past and say hello to modern-day skin care that gets you results. We’ve all had those days where we didn’t wash our face or we rarely did a mask — but professional skin care products are now literally at our fingertips. There are no excuses anymore.

One of these tools is a light-therapy device. When you use one as an anti-aging skin treatment, you’ll enjoy immense benefits. We offer the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque, and you can trust us when we say it’s LED light skin care at its finest. Read more about modern skin care here, and be sure to order your own light-therapy face mask today.

Spa Visits

When was the last time you went to a professional spa? When it comes to anti-aging skin treatments, a spa visit may accomplish more than you realized was possible. There are oxygen facials, brightening facials, hydrolifting facials, and even collagen-restorative facials — the options are nearly endless!

An anti-aging skin treatment at a spa will certainly rejuvenate you, but the visit to the spa itself will also be refreshing! You may not have cucumbers over your eyes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel invigorated. A weekend at the spa — complete with plush robes, moisturizing skin treatments, deep massages, yoga instruction, and more — will relax both your mind and your body, so that you can get back to your hectic, modern life free of stress.

At-Home Tools

What about when you don’t have time to get a spa visit? Take matters into your own hands with tools like a red light therapy mask. LED light therapy before and after pictures are impressive, and it really doesn’t take much time or effort.

Infrared LED light therapy hones in on the cellular level to promote collagen production, and red LED light therapy focuses on the surface of your skin. Between these two powerful wavelengths, you’ll see smoother, more even skin within 60 days — or you’ll get your money back.

Infrared light therapy at home is simple when you use the iderma®; all it takes is eight minutes every other day. You’ll see decreased fine lines and wrinkles and improved sunspots and pores within a matter of weeks, and it only takes using an LED light for skin instead of visiting the doctor for hours on end or investing in Botox.

Dermatologist Services

Laser skin treatments are one of the most popular services provided by dermatologists, but the list doesn’t end there. Lip injections or fillers, laser treatments for uneven skin texture, dermal fillers, and Botox treatments are all immensely popular. And really, it’s no surprise why: dermatologist services are becoming more accessible than ever before in the modern world.

Instead of forking over the money and risking side effects, though, why not opt for infrared light therapy at home instead? At the very least, you could supplement your dermatologist visits with anti-aging light therapy.

Order Your Light-Therapy Device Today

LED light skin care is the best of the best when it comes to modern-day skin care. What are you waiting for? Whether you’re on the hunt for Black Friday sales, you’re doing Christmas shopping, or you simply are in the market for an LED therapy mask, now is the time.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in anti-aging light therapy, and the iderma® is one of the best therapy masks out there. Check us out in the media and order your light-therapy device today.