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6 Simple Ways To Get Younger-Looking Skin

Unlike cheese and wine, our skin doesn’t ever seem to get much better with age. There are certainly ways to prevent wrinkles and fine lines or prevent and treat sun spots, but what should you do once they’re there? If you’re pining for your younger days when your skin was tighter, smoother and fuller, we can help. A light-therapy device is one of the best anti-aging skin treatments out there when you’re aching for younger-looking skin. This post will cover light therapy for wrinkles, along with five other skin rejuvenation techniques.    Don’t Ignore UV Rays Sure, the sun feels nice. But is it worth the wrinkles, age spots and potential for cancer? We didn’t think so. Good skin care...

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What You Need To Know About UV Rays And Protecting Your Skin

We’ve all heard about UV rays. We know they’re bad for our skin. But what do we really know about those harmful ultraviolet rays? If your understanding of UV rays is limited, we’ve got you covered — much like your skin should be this summer. Don’t worry if you’re not one for wearing layers all summer though. Even if it is your best line of defense against attacking UV rays, both sunscreen and a light-therapy device can also help your skin stay safe. How UV Rays Work And What They Do For starters, there are both ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays. UVA rays are long-wave, whereas UVB rays are short-wave. Many people incorrectly believed UVB rays were the only...

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