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Can Collagen Pills Actually Slow Aging?

In the beauty industry, collagen pills have been paraded around as a magical, cure-all beauty product. We hear over and over again that they’ll fight your wrinkles, tighten your skin, and improve the health of your hair and nails. But what do we really know about these potential youthful elixirs? In today’s blog, we’ll discuss whether collagen pills are an effective aging skin treatment and how infrared LED light therapy can help boost collagen in your body.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that our bodies produce naturally. The amino acid that makes up this protein is key for forming our connective tissues and skin, maintaining strong bones and joints, and strengthening our hair and nails. Aside from making all of these body parts work well, it helps with beauty as well. Collagen is responsible for helping hair to shine, nails to be strong, and skin to glow. It’s the most abundant protein in the human body, and it clearly does a lot for us.

As we age and we put increasingly more impact on our bodies, collagen production is affected. Knowing how important collagen is and knowing that its production decreases as we age, reaching for a collagen supplement may seem like an obvious next step. It’s for this reason that you’ve started seeing collagen supplements pop up everywhere as an aging skin treatment, whether it’s in powders or pills. These products are primarily made from animal parts, such as cow bones or skin or fish scales. Let’s find out what these supplements actually do.

How do the pills work? 

Unfortunately, there’s no consensus that consuming collagen supplements will actually give you all the benefits naturally-occurring collagen does. Assuming that something you swallow will turn into the same thing in your body is a common error in thinking.

The human body doesn’t absorb collagen whole, so ingestible or oral collagen will most likely be broken down during your digestion. It’ll break down into amino acids that can then be used where needed, so it’s likely the collagen is indirectly benefiting your body in some way, but that you may not automatically get glowing skin after mixing collagen powder or pills into your morning smoothie.

Some studies, however, have indicated that taking collagen supplements can lead to your body producing more collagen.

Supplements also aren’t well regulated. This means companies can claim a lot of unsubstantiated benefits.

But collagen is stillgood, right? 

After taking collagen supplements, you’ll likely receive indirect benefits from the broken down amino acids now in your system. Taking the supplements likely won’t harm your body in any way, but the benefits may not be what you expected when you bought the product.

  • Skin, nails, and hair health. The evidence is simply inconclusive on how much those collagen-enhanced smoothies and foods are really doing for you. It’s possible the pills or powders are indirectly helping your skin, nails, and hair.
  • Joint health. There is more information showing that collagen supplements will help with your joint health. However, the benefits include reducing inflammation rather than supporting the body’s supply of collagen or cartilage.
  • Gut health. There is additional evidence that the amino acids found in collagen supplements could reduce gastrointestinal inflammation and support improved digestion.

Overall, collagen supplements could potentially be helping with your gut and joint health, but support of the skin, nails, and hair is debated — which is what most collagen supplements say they’ll do. It’s a better option to look for products that protect your collagen from breaking down (like sunscreen) or to use products that help your cells create collagen more naturally. As you age, it’s understandable and even expected that you’ll want to help your collagen production continue — it’s a vital part of your body and has multiple benefits. Collagen supplements may just not be the best way to get those benefits.

Meet the iderma® LED light treatment.

For a professional skin care product, the iderma LED therapy mask takes the cake. This youth restoring masque uniquely implements wavelengths of both red and infrared light. The red wavelengths will focus on the surface of your skin, and the infrared LED light therapy will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to stimulate both cell growth and collagen production.

By working to increase your collagen production from the inside out rather than with oral or ingestible supplements, the masque will benefit your skin much more. You’ll notice a minimization of wrinkles and fine lines and your skin will begin to smooth out overall. The increase in collagen production will help fill in those lines and give you that full, youthful appearance once more.

You use the LED light treatment for just eight minutes every other day, so it’s a simple professional skin care product that you can easily work into your busy schedule while still getting significant results. Learn more about this aging skin treatment, and order one for yourself today!