Causes of Acne in Adults


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A struggle that nearly everyone has lived through, acne is an unpleasant and often embarrassing skin condition. And unfortunately, the bumps may not go away when you hit your 30s. If you have oily skin as a teenager, it will probably stick around and may even continue to be a problem up into your 50s. And if you were lucky enough to have clear skin in middle and high school, there’s still a chance that acne will develop as you live through your 20s and 30s. So with no consistency to this problem and with countless professional skin care products that promise to rid you of pimples and blackheads, it comes down to the more you know, the better you will be able to stop the breakouts and prevent future breakouts from happening.

The Causes of Acne


It seems like hormones can be blamed for a variety of issues during your teens and 20s. The fluctuation of hormones that occur before menstruation is a typical cause of breakouts, specifically androgen, a male hormone, like testosterone. When hormones cause acne, it usually occurs in the form of a deep, painful cystic acne that forms on the chin, neck, and back.

Professional Skin Care ProductsStress

Keep blaming it on the hormones! This time it’s your cortisol levels that cause skin problems. Whether you’re stressed out because of a full-time, high-stress job, difficulties at home, or trying to juggle a long to-do list, stress can cause various health issues. Any form of stress can cause the adrenal gland to produce additional cortisol to help the body cope. When the adrenal gland pushes the cortisol out to the body, a small amount of testosterone is released with it, causing the oil glands to produce additional oil. This long, stressful process ends with an even more stressful situation, acne.


If you wanted to get outside to try reducing the amount of stress you feel, pay attention to where you go. For those who live in cities, pollution can cause breakouts as well. Being exposed to ultraviolet radiation, environmental air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, oxides, ozone, and cigarette smoke can create cover your skin and clog your pores. If you live in a city, be sure to use a professional skin care product to thoroughly cleanse your skin each time you go outside.

Look at the Products You’re Using

Since oily skin is a common cause of acne, be sure that you aren’t using oil-based skin care products. Look for professional skin care products that are labeled “oil-free,” “non-comedogenic,” or “water-based.” It’s also important to note that using alcohol-based products or solutions that have a fragrance to it could also be a cause of your breakouts.

Don’t Cleanse too Frequently

If you wash your face more than once or twice a day to keep the oils from building up, this could be making the situation worse. When you strip your skin of all natural oils, it may cause your skin to produce extra oil to make up for what was lost, resulting in even more breakouts. It’s an endless cycle. Even when you’re washing your face with professional skin care products that are natural and gentle on the skin, using the product too often could lead to skin problems.

Watch the Foods You’re Eating

Even though there are studies to show that foods don’t cause acne, it can depend on the person and the food. If you have a reaction to foods like chocolate, pizza, caffeine, dairy, or nuts, then avoid those foods. If you aren’t sure if a food is causing your breakouts, eliminate one of the foods for about a month and see if there are positive results.

Professional Skin Care ProductsWatch the Sugar Content

Limiting your sugar intake will not only help your overall health, but can have a positive impact on your skin. Consuming sugar will raise your insulin level, and evidence is showing that high insulin levels can cause a boost in male hormones that trigger oil production. Slow down your sugar intake, keep insulin levels low, and watch for clearer skin! Try to include more complex carbs into your diet instead.

Treating Acne With Professional Skin Care Products

At iderma, we love clear, even skin tone that is bright and radiant. If this sounds too good to be true, try our LED light therapy masque. We use technology that was developed by NASA that uses red LED light to stimulate cell growth and boosts collagen production. As the light waves hit your skin, they penetrate deep into the layers to kill acne bacteria, reduce inflammation, and limit oil production. As far as professional skin care products go, this is one that gives you endless benefits.

Even though acne can occur throughout your adult years, there are solutions that you can look forward. Learn more about our LED light therapy masque and order one for yourself today!