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Skin Care Ingredients 101: All About Peptides

If you’ve started to really get serious about your skin care, then you might find yourself asking, “What the heck are peptides?” While these amino acids are vastly important to your skin, you’re not alone in not knowing what they are or how they work.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss peptides. Most importantly, we’ll talk about how professional skin care products that have peptides can do wonders for your skin, along with other products that could have similar effects.

What are peptides?

Our skin is mostly collagen (75 percent, in fact), a protein that our bodies naturally produce. This protein is made up of long segments of amino acids that are arranged like a chain. These chains of amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are known as peptides.

What do they do for my skin?

Collagen is what gives your skin structure, smoothness, elasticity and strength. Your body produces it efficiently when you’re young, but your collagen production slows down as you age. Women typically have plenty of collagen until they’re about 30 years old. This is why skin is typically smooth and tight when women are younger.

Your collagen depletes due to your age and environmental factors, like sunlight, and it’s not fully replaced as you age. Because collagen is made of peptides, as you incorporate peptides into your skin care regimen you can boost your skin’s collagen production and have an effective aging skin treatment as a result.

How can I use them?

Creams and serums are the most popular way to use peptides in skin care. Those wrinkle creams you’ve seen advertised may just have some science behind them after all. When you apply skin care peptides directly to your skin, the short-chain amino acid peptides penetrate the top layers of your skin. Your skin cells notice the change and begin to produce more collagen as a result. After doing this for several weeks, you’ll begin to notice smoother skin and fewer wrinkles. Matrixyl (or palmitoyl-pentapeptide 3) is a common peptide in many professional skin care products so you can look for that in your cream’s list of ingredients or find other peptides to look for.

Powdered supplements you can put into water, smoothies or foods are also an option. Your body consumes the amino acids and they stimulate collagen production from the inside out. However, there isn’t much consensus on the effectiveness of powdered supplements.

How else can I help my collagen production?

When it comes to increasing collagen production, one of the best skin treatments out there is the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque. It’s LED light therapy at home, so it’s convenient for you while still being incredibly effective. The lights penetrate into your skin much like the peptides do in creams and serums.

Our LED therapy mask has 128 lights: 14 red and 114 infrared. Because of these two types of wavelengths, you’re getting the best possible treatment. The red wavelengths work on the surface of your skin and the infrared LED light therapy penetrates deeper to stimulate your collagen production. No matter your age, your cells should be working for you. By using the iderma®, you’ll give them the little extra push they need to tighten and smooth your skin.

Just because you want younger-looking skin, though, you shouldn’t have to commit incredible amounts of time to washing your face, applying products and trying new professional skin care products. While all those things are good, you also want time for yourself. When you use iderma® UV light therapy, you only have to wear the mask for eight minutes every other day. This gives you more time to do what you love, and it even schedules some relaxing into your day.

UV light therapy is popular for celebrity skin care — why not for you? There are many reasons to try our light-therapy device, but our favorite reason is that you’ll see results. When you’re tired of aging skin, try our professional skin care product. Use it in conjunction with creams and serums full of peptides, and you’ll have younger looking skin in no time.

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