Skin Care Ingredients 101: Hydroquinone And Kojic Acid

We all know we should recognize the ingredients when it comes to food, but recognizing ingredients in skin care products can seem like a losing battle. The lists are seemingly endless, and the ingredients are hard to pronounce, let alone know what they do.

Because of this, we’re enlightening people about what ingredients they may find in their professional skin care products and what exactly these ingredients do. We’ve already covered peptides, hyaluronic acid and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acid. In today’s blog, we’re delving into both hydroquinone and kojic acid. With this information, we hope you can find safe skin care products that work. We’ll also highlight the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque — it’s a top anti-aging product that will help your skin similarly to how these ingredients do.

What Hydroquinone Is & How It Helps

If you’ve been on the lookout for bleaching creams or other lightening agents, you may have come across skin care products containing hydroquinone. This compound is used in professional facial products to lighten hyperpigmentation on your skin, such as age spots or dark spots.

Your doctor can prescribe safe skin care products with this compound or you can get creams containing less hydroquinone over the counter. Some people are allergic to hydroquinone, so it’s wise to speak with your doctor before using them.

What Kojic Acid Is & How It Helps

Kojic acid is also a lightening agent, similar to hydroquinone. This means it can treat pigment problems and age spots. There are fewer negative opinions out there about kojic acid because it’s more natural. Produced by several species of fungi, kojic acid was only discovered in 1989. It’s especially derived from Aspergillus oryzae, a fungus which is commonly known in Japan as koji, hence the name of this anti-aging ingredient.

Its lightening effect comes from kojic acid’s ability to inhibit and prevent tyrosine, an amino acid that produces melanin.

LED Light Therapy For Skin Can Also Help

Both hydroquinone and kojic acid are found in many popular skin care products, such as creams, cleansers, powders and serums. They can be effective as a lightening agent for sun spots, age spots and more, but they both can carry serious side effects and risks.

Instead of using these skin care ingredients or in conjunction with using these ingredients, use a professional skin care product like the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque. It’s one of the best skin care products for faces because it can lighten age spots and sunspots — as hydroquinone and kojic acid do — but it also has a host of other benefits.

This anti-aging facial product will even out skin tone; help prevent acne; help you have younger-looking skin overall; and boost collagen production so you see fewer fine lines and wrinkles. The 14 red and 114 infrared wavelengths work hard to rejuvenate the surface of your skin and activate cell growth and production beneath your skin. It only takes eight minutes of your time every other day, it’s safe and comfortable, and, best of all, it gets you results.

Learn more and order this professional skin care product for yourself today.