Skin Care Ingredients 101: L-Ascorbic Acid

As we age, there’s a lot we’re willing to do to take care of our skin. The crow’s feet and other fine lines certainly aren’t the end of the world — they can make you look more distinguished, actually — but you simply want to slow down how rapidly they’re appearing!

In your search for the best wrinkle remover out there, you’ve come across many professional skin care products that make you wonder: does this really work? You look at the so-called anti-aging ingredients and speculate whether they really make a difference. Because of this, we’ve created this series on everything you need to know about popular skin care ingredients.

Check out our blogs about peptides, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid, hydroquinone and kojic acid, and now today’s blog about L-ascorbic acid. These ingredients are in many facial products for women, and we want to make sure you’re as educated as possible in your selection of professional skin care products. Be sure to also use the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque as part of your skin care routine — it offers many of the benefits that these ingredients do!

What is L-ascorbic acid?

A skin care ingredient with acid in its name may not sound like it’s the best skin care product for your face, right? However, L-ascorbic acid is known by another name that would most likely make you feel much more comfortable with this anti-aging ingredient: pure vitamin C.

This acid comes from natural sources like oranges. Vitamin C isn’t only vital for your body’s healthy immune system, but it’s also an important ingredient for healthy skin.

What does it do for my skin?

OK — so it’s vitamin C. How does that actually help your skin? L-ascorbic acid penetrates the skin’s tissue and is known to boost collagen production. Professional skin care products with L-ascorbic acids are not technically collagen anti-aging creams because collagen isn’t an active ingredient, but they can have the same effect — improving your body’s collagen, which is responsible for tight, smooth skin.

As we all know, UV rays are harmful to skin. There are ways to protect your skin from UV rays, and L-ascorbic acid can help in this battle. This powerful antioxidant may help slow the development of skin cancer, and it can even help prevent dark spots by slowing the production of melanin.

In other words, this natural ingredient for skin care makes your skin look and feel younger and tighter while also protecting it from damaging exterior impacts.

How can I use it?

Now it’s the million-dollar question: if this is one of the best anti-aging ingredients, how do I get my hands on it? There are many professional skin care products out there that contain this powerful ingredient, such as serums, creams, moisturizers, and more. The trick is to find the right acidity and concentration. Skin care products containing L-ascorbic acid should have a pH level of 3.5 or less and a concentration of 20 percent or less.

Using skin care products with L-ascorbic acid that have a higher concentration or high pH level can actually lead to skin irritation or redness. Instead of helping your skin look younger, too much L-ascorbic acid can actually have aging effects.

An LED Beauty Mask Can Also Help

L-ascorbic acid obviously has immense benefits, but one of the best skin care products for aging skin is an LED beauty mask! This popular skin care product is easy to use, effective, and backed by science. The iderma® Youth Restoring Masque uses 14 red LEDs and 114 infrared LEDs so you can get the best results. 

The red wavelengths focus on the surface of your skin to even skin texture and tone, and the infrared wavelengths penetrate deeper, stimulating cell growth and collagen production. One of the very best parts of this LED skin care? The iderma® only requires eight minutes every other day.

If you find yourself asking, “does red light therapy work?”, then check out photos of LED light therapy before and after and see for yourself. The iderma® is a professional skin care product that is loved by the media and has immense benefits. Order yours today.