Collagen Rebuilding Complex

Collagen Rebuilding Complex

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Our Collagen Rebuilding Complex scientifically promotes the growth of new collagen and is unique on the market as it contains a powerful blend of three types of highly concentrated, most stabilized forms of Vitamin C: Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, L-Ascorbic Acid, and Sodium Ascorbate.

This Collagen Rebuilding Complex repairs and prevents sun damage by increasing collagen production, inhibiting toxic free radicals, and protecting against environmental pollutants while also protecting the skin by neutralizing free radicals that would otherwise destroy healthy tissue. Green Tea completes this exclusive formula that will produce amazing results with regular use.

Fighting the signs of premature aging from the inside out, the result is toned, smooth and firm skin. This product is excellent for use with any skin type and may be used immediately after a micro-dermabrasion procedure.

30 ML | 1 FL. OZ.

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