My husband and I both use the iderma every other day and people have noticed! A friend who hasn’t seen me for a while said “Someone’s is looking good!” and even my daughter thinks I look more youthful and radiant.  -Laura B (age 66)

I like to think of this as just doing a little ‘reconstruction’. My wife and I have been using iderma together for a few months, and our 4 grown kids are telling us we’re both looking good…smoother skin and less lines around the eyes. -Roy W (age 66) (Married to Laura B above)

People have been asking if I'm doing skin skin feels stretchier, more elastic- it bounces back after I smile! My girlfriend kept telling me my skin is looking younger and smoother, now she's using iderma too! -Dane B (age 41)

Seeing the results in 30 day photos, I'm really looking forward to the difference at 90 days! The eye wrinkles are softer and there are less fine lines. -Glenda B (age 64)

In the first 30 days, I noticed my skin felt and looked smoother and brighter right after I used it. After 90 days, my face feels tighter, brighter and I think my eye lines look diminished. I love doing iderma's like a quick therapy when I get home and lay on the couch after work. -Joanne B (age 48)

I'm a new mom, so like that I can do this at home in only 8 minutes. My skin definitely feels softer and more even in tone. My husband noticed too and says I look great even when the baby keeps me up all night! -Jennifer C (age 47)

When my mother-in-law was in town we were sitting across from each other at lunch and she commented about how good my skin was looking. She said she couldn't see any fine lines. We started to tell her about the iderma and now she wants one! -Heather C (age 47)

I feel like I’m getting a lot of compliments like "You look so young!”  I can't wait to see how much more difference it will make in the next couple of months. -Esther C (age 47)

I just look more youthful now. I've gotten a lot of comments from girlfriends who didn’t know I was doing anything. Before, I'd hit the point where compliments have slowed's nice to have them back! -Lianne C (age 52)

Looking younger is always a great thing, especially when you have 3 young children. When people find out my actual age, they're shocked. I've had several friends say my skin looks great and that I look more relaxed. I'm rarely without makeup but noticed I am wearing less on a daily basis now. -Deb D (age 52)

I'm at that age where you want to start fighting the aging process, and I've been looking at my options. I was happy when I saw my skin tone evening out in the first 30 days, and within 90 it felt plumper, more hydrated and had a finer texture. I'm thrilled! -Carmen G (age 53)

I notice when I touch my face now the skin feels smoother. As a DJ I've gotten more conscious of looking older, and at a wedding recently a woman guessed my age at 10 years younger! -Mark H (age 53)

My face felt rough and looked dull, but now I like looking in the mirror again. My friends and even my sister says I look great and want to know what I’m doing...they all can't wait to try it! -Rosemary J (no age)

The results don't lie...I definitely noticed! After seeing improvement in the first 30 days I was excited to keep with it and see what would happen. I'm pretty busy as a nurse, but a few random people at work say I "have a glow" now. -Candace J (no age)

I always wanted to look as great as I felt but my skin really changed after I turned 60- dull, dry… I was starting to look old. I used iderma every other day and saw visible changes in just the first month. My face just has an overall brightness again. A little while ago an old friend I'd not seen in a year said, "Can I touch your face? Whatever you're doing, it’s working!“. -Sandra J (age 60)

I work with a lot of clients and have to keep looking my best. At 46, I decided it was time to ‘up my game’ so tried the iderma. I see a drastic improvement around my eyes, my forehead and even in my skin tone. -Toby L (age 46)

iderma worked for me and was super easy to use. I'm an avid skier so I get a lot of sun. After just 30 days my face had better texture and my skin just felt plumper. Now I see fewer lines around my eyes and my whole face just looks brighter. -Rosemarie L (age 46)

I have been using my iderma every other day and I absolutely love it! My complexion is so much better and I’m getting compliments from my husband, my family and all my co-workers. I feel like my face is looking a bit younger every time I use it. Yay! -Debbie L (age 46) 

I’m starting a new life after retirement from the police department and I’m so glad I did this. It’s easy-peasy and I love it! My skin is smoother, looks and feels good… wait until they see me at my 40th high school reunion this year! -Cathy L (age 57)

As a 40-year-old mother of two, things started happening to my face I didn’t like. I tried some treatments at a clinic which were great, but expensive and hard to keep up with. Using iderma was easy, and my skin texture looks and feels so much better. I’m even getting comments from people on how pretty my skin is now! -Lissette M (age 40)

I see a difference in the lines around my eyes, my pores, my neck… I even got a compliment from the counter lady where I buy lipstick and my sister said, "Your skin does look nice- what are you doing?" I told them "It's iderma!" -Bonnie M (age 52)

I’m usually lazy with beauty routines, but this so easy! I have more confidence without makeup on now. My skin is more plump, softer and ‘glowie”.  My sister constantly tells me, "you look so youthful and pretty!" -Julie N (age 40)

I want my face to match the age I feel, not the age I am. Now I see less wrinkles and my skin just looks nicer & younger. I have 2 teenagers, and iderma is my 8 minutes of Zen every other day! -Jennifer P (age 53)

I’m obsessed with skincare and love to try new things so I was thrilled to use iderma. My friends started telling me I’m looking good after the first month, and it keeps getting better. I’m so excited! -Jenny S (age 67)

I’m creeping toward 50 now and all those years of outdoor construction work and boating were coming back to haunt me. My face is a lot smoother and definitely better now, especially around the eyes. I had some photos taken recently and I look better in them than ones taken a few years ago! -Brandon S (age 48)

Like a lot of people, I’m looking at anti-aging as I head toward 50.  I have definitely noticed my complexion is smoother and my skin tone is more even. I'm really excited about the changes that I've noticed so far, and wouldn’t want to give it up! -Jill S (age 48)

iderma’s really easy to use and it’s a relaxing 8 minutes. The changes are subtle but the longer I use it the better my skin looks over time. People say I look refreshed, and someone complemented me the other day on my ‘youthfulness’. Take that, 50’s! -Ariste W (age 57)