How does the iderma work?

Older, aging skin is collagen depleted

As we age, collagen production decreases and skin gradually loses its ability to repair or replace damaged cells. Over time skin becomes less elastic, tone becomes more uneven, fine lines and wrinkles appear and the overall complexion takes on a more worn, tired or "old" look.

Younger skin is collagen activated

Improved cell function makes skin better able to protect itself, replace dead cells and repair damage. The complexion appears refreshed and younger-looking as elasticity improves and the skin's surface becomes smoother with visibly reduced pore size and a more even tone.

The iderma activates your skin

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is a way of using low intensities of light (usually red and infrared) to stimulate cells, and works similar to photosynthesis in plants.

Non-thermal "cold" light is radiated onto the surface of the skin where it's absorbed into the cells, triggering chemical reactions that improve their function and efficiency.

Unlike ablative and surgical lasers which cut or destroy tissue, LLLT involves much lower intensities with no heat element. It's safe, noninvasive and has no known side effects.

The iderma difference

Simply put, the iderma uses high-quality red + infrared LEDs. 14 visible red (660nm) and 114 invisible pulsed infrared (940nm) diodes deliver the optimal combination of power and wavelength for anti-aging benefits.