Unlike cumbersome hand-held LED light treatment systems, the iderma® is uniquely designed with superior technology to make it easy and convenient for everyone to use. With just eight-minute sessions every other day, you can start seeing results in as few as four weeks. Our innovative technology — infrared and red light therapy for wrinkles — allows the layers of your skin to be stimulated, which will produce more collagen and give your skin a more youthful appearance.

Here, we’ll discuss six of the main reasons to choose the iderma® as your LED beauty light over other light-therapy devices.

Optimized For Efficacy

Our LED light therapy for skin combines red and pulsing infrared LEDs at specific wavelengths to maximize power and efficacy. Learn how our LED light treatment for skin works, and check out LED light therapy benefits. Unlike many other professional skin care products on the market, the iderma® uses technology that will minimize fine lines and wrinkles and allow dark age spots to fade. With 14 red LEDs and 114 infrared LEDs, you’re getting the best of both worlds with this infrared and red light therapy mask.

Full Coverage

Our masque is engineered with both narrow- and wide-angle lenses strategically placed around the masque to provide uniform coverage over the entire face — this wrinkle treatment at home will reach all parts of your face! If you have sunspots on the side of your face or wrinkles around your mouth, the mask light will reach them all and you will quickly experience improved skin. This anti-wrinkle skin care takes care of your whole face, not just the parts you initially notice.

Safe And Comfortable

Completely painless, the iderma® is safe for long-term use. The LED light treatment simply rests comfortably on your head — with a warm glow radiating onto your skin. Some users may experience dryness, but not enough to discontinue use. Simply increase the amount of moisturizer you are using or purchase a moisturizer such as Vaseline that will give your skin the moisture it needs. Professional facial products shouldn’t put you at risk or make you uncomfortable, and our LED beauty light will ensure your face is protected.


The iderma® mask light does all of the work so you can just sit back and relax during sessions. It’s as easy as that! Many users look forward to using the LED light treatment therapy for a chance to relax. Put your favorite music on or listen to a podcast, and the time will fly by. In fact, you may even want your session of at-home light therapy to last longer so you have a continued opportunity to rest.


The headband on this LED beauty mask adjusts to accommodate a wide range of head shapes and sizes. There’s no need to worry about feeling uncomfortable, even if it is just for eight quick minutes. We want to ensure that users have an enjoyable experience while they are using this skin rejuvenation treatment; because our LED light-up mask is fully adjustable, you’re sure to get the right fit.


The LEDs automatically shut off at the end of each session. As much as you may want it to continue, you should only use the masque every other day and for only eight minutes each session. There are endless benefits to using our LED light treatment masque, and not just improved skin tone. You can get all of these LED light therapy benefits from an eight-minute session every other day — there’s no need to wear the infrared and red light mask for longer, and our self-timer will help you monitor your use. Give your mind and body a chance to rest and relax while your skin is receiving the stimulation that it needs to produce that much-needed collagen.

With all of these features designed to make your LED skin therapy more comfortable, safe, and easy than ever before, why wouldn’t you choose the iderma® Youth Restoring Masque™? We’re so confident that you’ll love this light-therapy device and see LED light therapy benefits that we guarantee you’ll see results within 60 days of regular use. And if not? You can get a full refund for your LED facial treatment. Order your iderma® today and start incorporating LED skin care into your daily routine. We can’t wait to see how your skin improves.