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Rejuvenating Cleanser

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Rejuvenating Cleanser is a gentle formula that can be used for all skin types. It is so gentle that it will not strip the skin of its natural oils.

Rejuvenating Cleanser incorporates the natural cleansing agent Betaine, derived from the sugar beet. Aloe Vera, Allantoin, and Ginseng provide a key anti-irritant, making this cleanser ideal for even the most sensitive skin. This formula is excellent for makeup removal, including the eye area.

Rejuvenating Cleanser can also be used after microdermabrasion, AHA, and other treatments without producing excessive irritation.

150 ML | 5 FL. OZ.

Using technology that was researched and developed by NASA and the National Institute of Health, iderma created an LED light treatment therapy to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. With red and infrared LED lights, the wavelengths penetrate deep into the layers of the skin to stimulate cell growth and collagen production. With three, eight-minute sessions per week, you will see results in the appearance of your skin in as little as four weeks. With LED light treatment, you can expect to see minimized fine lines and wrinkles, smaller crow’s feet, a reduction in redness or inflamed blemishes, improved skin texture and tone, lightened age spots, and reduced pore size.